Here's the journey we will go through to hit $10k/ month with the essential Agency Kit.

Our goal within the Agency Kit is to give you a set-by-step process to build, grow and scale your Remote Digital marketing Agency to over $10,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue.

We take you through each step of the process, giving you the process I wish I had when I started out.

The $10,000 per month launch formula

We will take you through the essential elements behind building a business that hits $10,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue rapidly. This formula will help you to understand exactly what we need to accomplish at each stage of the journey.

Identifying a Lucrative Target Market

“Sometimes it's not how fast you row your boat. It's how fast the stream is going.” -- Warren Buffet

We breakdown the different markets you can work within, the benefits and the challenges. With our process we help you identify a lucrative, hot-market to target to ensure you are moving with the momentum of the market!

Identifying your Service Offering & Killer Offer

We cover the hottest service offerings on the market, showing you how to deliver results without the learning curve. Building a killer offer is absolutely essential to ensure you have success. It's not about crazy guarantees, it's about creating an offer that people actually want.

We help you build your own offer and give you offers that absolutely kill it right here, right now!

The Ultimate Facebook Process

Within this process, we help you rapidly deliver consistent results to your Clients without going through a steep learning curve. You don't have to spend hours upon hours learning a process. We show you how we leverage a team of Experts to take care of our Client Fulfillment without any out of pocket cost.

Build the Infrastructure Behind your Business

We show you exactly how to implement our Standard Operating Procedures within your business. This will help you consistently deliver results for your Clients and have complete confidence when speaking with them. Your business will have a solid infrastructure with a proven process.

Your Agency Fundamentals

You will have immediate access to the full Client Experience process, helping you set-up your own smooth On-Boarding Process. When a Client comes on-board, you will be able to deliver an exceptional experience with confidence and assurance.

Your Professional Agency Website

Setting up a professional front for your business is incredibly important. You need to ensure you look professional and the real deal. We show you how to quickly set up your own website and give you the opportunity to instantly use a proven-website with your own branding.

Using the Agency CRM System

Cut through the noise and the thousands of CRM options out there. We show you how the Agency specific CRM works, what you need to use it for (without the fluff) and how you can access this for free.

Your Lead Generation Process Launch

We take you through the most powerful Lead Generation systems you need to use and how to launch them. From low-cost hyper-personalized Email Outreach, to Viral LinkedIn prospecting and our Paid Ads Ladder System that allows you to utilize Paid Advertising without investing fortunes.

Scaling your Lead Generation Systems

Learn how to crank your Lead Generation System on Autopilot to consistently bring in opportunties with prospective Clients who need your help every week. We take you through the process of automating this system and having it operate while you sleep.

Deliver Results & Maximize LTV

Learn how to consistently deliver results for your Clients, building a fantastic reputation and powerful word of mouth. We help you develop additional complimentary services for your Clients, solving their problems and show you how to cross-sell and up-sell these services every month.

Add Gas to the Fire with the $10k Recipe

We show you exactly how to develop these systems to attract prospective Clients who immediately need your help. You don't need Case Studies or Testimonials for this process, we show you how to hit $10k per month without them.

The Agency Kit $10k MRR Fast Track

The Agency Kit's $10k MRR Fast Track

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Access the Agency Kit's $10k MRR Fast Track AND in-depth workshops that outline the in-demand service offerings for Agencies right now.

We don't stop there, we also breakdown three low-cost Lead Generation methods that you can launch to rapidly bring in Clients for your Agency.

We even give you the resources and SOPs you need to execute on each process outlined and help you build and scale an Agency to $10k MRR and beyond.

We do all of this for $14/ month.

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